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 Videocon Statement Essay




Indepth analysis of the D2H industry for Videocon and handling Company promotions and events for Planet Meters (Research on " India has 6th major DTH players whereas the world over every country has approx 2 . Can the Of india market absorb all? ” done to develop the Videocon brand name Managing Planet Meters brand special offers and a serious event named " Mirchi Create With Agnee” in collaboration with Radio Mirchi)



PGDM 2009 – 14 Marketing


MOVE NO being unfaithful

Table of Contents

Market Overview6

History: 6


Current Indian Circumstance: 9


Targets of the job: 16


Porter's Analysis in the DTH market: 19

SWOT Analysis21

Concept of growth talk about matrix (BCG model)23

Set of major players in the industry24

Brief profile of players in the industry24

Cable Vs . DTH -- An Overview on the planet Scenario29


Comparative research of the DTH players38

TRAI Rules49

Problems experienced with Videocon D2H and the solution51








Market Overview


The history of Indian Tv set dates back for the launch of Doordarshan, the Country's national television network in 1959 if the transmission was in black & white. The 9th Asian games, held in 1982 in the country's capital New Delhi, heralded the mark of colour television set broadcast in India.

In 1991, Indian economy was liberalized from your license raj and major initiatives just like inviting FDI, deregulation of domestic businesses emerged. This led to the influx of foreign stations like Celebrity TV and creation of domestic satellite television channels just like Sun TV SET and Zee TV. This kind of virtually demolished the monopoly held by Doordarshan.

In 1992, the cable TV industry started which altered the way the normal Indian wristwatches television. Every city in India had a new variety of entrepreneurs called as cablewalas or Local Cable Workers (LCO) taking in charge of distribution. Due to the fact that this was a messy sector transporting new stations on the existing infrastructure required new assets which the workers were reluctant to make. This led to the emergence of any new variety of firms called as Variable System Operators (MSO) who heavy financial muscles to create capital purchases and liaised between the cable television operators as well as the channels. MSOs provide the give food to to the local operators for a fee.

In 1995, government sensed the need of control in Satellite tv and handed the Cable TV network (Regulation) Act. It was also time when the condition owned Doordarshan and All India Radio received a new having called while Prasar Bharati to give all of them enough autonomy. The LCOs reported a lesser number of links where as the broadcasters required a higher rate. MSOs were finding it difficult to control under these conditions. This kind of led to a great amendment of the Cable TV systems (Regulation) Work in 2002 to provide Conditional Access Program (CAS). With CAS, the past mile division could be addressable with reliability and digitalization of transmitted was likewise possible. CAS was rolled out in 2003 starting from Chennai and later to regions of Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. On the DTH front, TRAI issued the guidelines for operating DTH. Country's first DTH license was awarded to Dish TELEVISION in 2003 which started out operations in 2004. Prasar Bharati also started the product DD-Direct+

In 2007, TRAI proposed a new initiative by simply called " Headend-In-The-Sky (HITS)” model rather than the existing cable television distribution. Instead of the MSOs offering the package, there will be just one HITS user who will put together the pack of stations and beam it for the Headend inside the satellite. With all the average American indian getting young, and hence more...


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