Trade Financial

 Trade Fund Essay

Test on TFCMS

You should select the best option in the subsequent MCQs

Please write name, roll no . & Section on the top correct hand nook of the answer sheet 1 ) Trade consists of movement of _______

a) Funds b) goods c) documents d) all of these

installment payments on your This is a good example of Invisible trade transaction

a) Tourism b) Software c) a & b d) none of the

3. This is correct for Loans against cheques:

a) To be provided just for customer b) To check the track record of buyer c) These two d) non-e of these

some. Providing finance against a LC bill is called

a) Bill Purchase b)Bill Discounting c) Discussion d) Many of these

5. An argument of age-wise debtors is definitely obtained in the case of Cash credit rating against Publication debts/ Borrowers because:

a) We can include lesser perimeter against older bills

b) Old non-recoverable bills are generally not financed

c) We will be aware of how older is the marriage between the Purchaser & Retailer d) None of these

6th. Advance against bills during collection implies financing the bills a) Just received through the counter

b) Already collected but not acknowledged

c) Already sent intended for collection

d) non-e of such

7. Amongst these Clean Payments happen to be:

a) Documented Collection b) Documentary Credit c) Both these d) non-e of these

almost 8. These are accurate for Clean Payments:

a) Bank's part is limited to movement of Funds

b) All documents are handled by Seller & Customer themselves c) Both a & m

d) None of these

on the lookout for. The most unfavourable system of transact transaction to get the Seller can be a) Open account

b) Advance Payment

c) Documentary Collection

d) Documentary Credit

10. In documentary collection, the record can be released by a) Payment b) Acceptance c) Negotiation d) Both Repayment & approval

11. In Documentary Collection,...


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