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1. The nurse can be caring for a pregnant female who confesses to crack and euphoria use regularly. The client declares, " Everyone knows that alcohol is bad during pregnancy, but what's the big deal regarding ecstasy? ” the best response by the registered nurse is " Ecstasy: A. Can Cause Fever in both you and therefore cause the baby damage. B. Leads to deficiencies of thiamine and folic acid solution, which help baby develop. (Alcohol) C. Creates babies with small brain and short bodies with brain function alterations (Cocaine) D. Generates intrauterine progress restriction and meconium desire. (heroine)

2 . The registered nurse is doing preconception counseling with a 28-year outdated woman without prior pregnancies. Which with the following statements made by the customer indicates for the nurse which the client has understood the teaching?

A. " I can continue to drink alcohol until I actually am clinically diagnosed pregnant. ” B. " I need to quit drinking alcohol entirely when I start trying to get pregnant. ” C. " A beer once per week will not damage the unborn child. ”

G. " I can drink alcohol while breastfeeding, because it doesn't pass into breast milk. ”

3. A woman's background appearance suggest drug abuse. The nurse's greatest approach would be to: A. ) Ask over directly, " Do you use any street drugs? ” B. ) Ask the lady if she'd like to speak to a counselor.

C. ) Ask a lot of questions about over-the countertop medications and steer clear of mention of dubious drugs. G. ) Explain how damaging drugs may be for her baby.

4. A 20 year aged woman reaches 28 weeks' gestation. Her prenatal background reveals previous drug abuse, and urine screening indicates that she has lately used heroine. The health professional should recognize that the woman is in increased exposure to possible:

A. Erythroblastocis fetalis (2ndary to physiological blood disorders i. e. Rh incompat) B. Diabeted Mellitus (unrelated to medication use/abuse)

C. Abruptio placentae (more frequently seen with cocaine/crack use) D. Pregnancy-induced hypertension.

your five. A client with insulin-dependent type II diabetes and and HbA1c of 5. 0% is about to become pregnant rapidly. What anticipatory guidance if the nurse offer this consumer? A. Insulin needs decrease in the 1st trimester and increase during the third trimester. B. The risk of ketoacidosis decreases through the length of being pregnant. (actually that increases) C. Vascular disease that accompanies diabetes slows progression. (actually progresses more rapidly during pregnancy) Deb. The baby will probably have a congenital abnormality because of the diabetes. 6. A newly clinically diagnosed type My spouse and i, insulin reliant diabetic with good blood sugar control are at 20 weeks' gestation. She asks the nurse how her diabetes will affect her baby. The best explanation would include:

A. " Your baby might be smaller than normal at birth. ”

B. Your infant will probably be bigger than average at birth.

C. So long as you control your blood sugar, your baby will not be affected at all.

G. Your baby might have high blood glucose for several days and nights.

7. A 26 yr old multigravida is definitely 28 weeks pregnant. She has developed gestational diabetes. She actually is following a system of regular exercise, which includes going for walks, bicycling, and swimming. What instructions should be included in a teaching cover this customer?

A. Exercise either right before meals or perhaps wait until 2 hours after a food. B. Bring hard sweets (or additional simple sugar) when exercising. C. If your blood sugar is a hundred and twenty mg/dL, eat 20g of carbs.

Deb. If your blood sugar is more than 120 mg/dL, drink some whole milk.

eight. A 26 year old multipara is twenty six weeks pregnant. Her previous births contain two large-for-gestational age infants and one unexplained dead fetus. Which testing would the nurse foresee as being most definitive in diagnosing gestational diabetes? A. A 40 g, one hour glucose screening process test.

N. A single going on a fast glucose level.

C. A 100 g, one hour blood sugar tolerance evaluation.

D. A 100 g, three hour glucose tolerance test.

on the lookout for. A pregnant client at 23 weeks' gestation provides a...


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