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Absenteeism is a crucial system of maladjustment. It is an separated phenomenon but the integral part of psychology and economy of business production. This is the social problem of great complexness born away of attitude, circumstances and compulsions, absentee forms a problem in any element because it have an effect on in the loss in Monday and as a result the proceeds too.

All human beings are energetic ever growing and learning individuals may include sensible reasons for absence alternatively there is a group which would not have sturdy reasons and get them because of their personal satisfaction and needs.

It is very important to lessen the rate of absenteeism to get increasing industrial production since the production of the industry mainly depends upon the efficiency and experience for the worker of affected by the rate of absenteeism because the degree to which absenteeism is reduced the success of a market is assured.

The Indian paint sector has come a considerable ways from the days when chemicals were deemed a luxury item. Today the awareness level on avoiding corrosion through paints is comparatively high, a development that needs to be a huge increase to the paint industry.

Nerolac paints set out its quest in 1920 as Gahagan Paints and Varnish Company Ltd., at Lower Parel in Bombay. In 1930, three English companies combined to produce Lead Companies Group Limited. In 1933, Lea Industries Group Ltd. acquired whole share capital of Gahagan Paints in 1933 and thus, Goodlass Wall structure (India) Ltd. was born.

Subsequently, by 1946, Goodlass Wall membrane (India) Limited. was called Goodlass Wall membrane Pvt. Limited. In 1957, Goodlass Wall structure Pvt. Ltd. grew popular as Goodlass Nerolac Chemicals Pvt. Limited. Also, that went public in the same year and established itself as Goodlass Nerolac Chemicals Ltd.

The purpose of the study is to identify what causes absenteeism and awareness level among the operating group in the organization. Know the working environment, family relationship and individual perception about the business in relation to absenteeism. The study can easily reveal the psychological and economic factors associated with absenteeism and can likewise bring on the not related factors intended for absenteeism.



The Indian paint market has come a long way from the days when paints were deemed a luxury item. Today the awareness level on preventing corrosion through paints is actually high, a development that ought to be a huge increase to the fresh paint industry.

This report provides in-depth information and analysis on the US$ 925. zero million (2006-07) worth Of india paint sector. The Indian paints market offers profitable scope pertaining to stable revenue streams to manufacturers of both ornamental and professional paints. The report stays on focused on most such important parameters that make India a great proposition. Component that have been offered emphasis range from the low per capita consumption of paints (1. zero Kilogram), progress in structure sector (it is being presented industry status) and growth in the auto/white goods market respectively spurring demand for ornamental and professional paints. The industry also have witnessed elevated activity inside the industrial number of paints humor the entry of MNCs in automobile, consumer durables etc ., that can be gaining continuously over ornamental paints in the last one ten years.

The survey covers both segments of decorative and industrial types of paints along with decoration on product sub-segments inside these two item segments. The normal characteristics with the Indian Chemicals industry have been completely discussed detailed covering the common features of the Indian market Viz., natural material intensiveness, working capital intensiveness, seasonability of demand, selling price elasticity of demand and low admittance barriers.

The current global circumstance with reference to the paint market has been protected in the statement with exceptional focus on auto-coats...


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