International Promoting Plan for Motorcycle

 International Marketing Plan for Bike Essay

1 . Launch

1 . 1) Objective:

a) To know the host country and house obstacles and complexities. b) Arranging item mix and marketing mix

c) Go above national border

d) Make a budget strategy

e) Produce a marketing strategy

f) Powerful implementation of promoting plan for the item for the home region and web host country as well

1 ) 2) Range

We focused on the current new demand of motorbike market, in which we located so many options for the product. it almost very tough to get the licensing benefits. But still not necessarily impossible. 1 ) 3) managing and marketing skills:

We simply applied each of our marketing and management skills to get profit and recognition. Because motorbike companies are very founded but still we can gain revenue through our intelligence. 1 ) 4) Goods:

Walton bikes are very appropriate for a lot of exciting features. And it is made to get young generations can be. We present that not simply for the male along with female. 1 ) 5) limits:

There are some complexities as runs:

a) understanding local customers and foreign customers

b) Financial constraints

c) Deficiency of time

d) personal uncertainty

e) high risk for purchases

2 . Regarding Walton

Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd. may be the one and only producer of multi-staged Refrigerator, Freezer, Air Conditioner, Television and Motorbike technology and it is treated as one of the sophisticated manufacturer in Bangladesh and South Asia. L. B. Group (Parent Company) is one of the top rated business groupings in the country functioning with a wonderful reputation for more than 30 years. Walton has changed into a sensation in the arena of Electronics, Electrical & Auto industries & as signified as one of the best manufacturing plant in Bangladesh & South Asia. В

Walton is providing consumers the latest technology based goods, innovative design, and excellent quality with different types & capacities. Walton brand's main items are; (1) Motorcycle (2) Refrigerator & Freezer (3) Air Conditioner (4) Mobile Phone (5) Television (3D LED, LED, LCD, CRT) (6) DVD Player (7) Microwave Oven & Vapor Oven, (8) Washing Machine (9) Iron (10) Domestic and Industrial Electrical generator etc . В

Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd. and other sis concerns are furnished with a very good Research and Development (R& D) department comprising a large team of 600 in addition dedicated highly trained engineers and technical personnel from home and abroad. Walton HIL includes a fully prepared industrial installation with annual production capability of 1. some million Freezers and Termes conseilles, 0. a few million Motorbikes, 0. three or more million Ac units, 1 . zero million Television sets (3D LED, LED, LCD, CRT). В

Walton has its own Mold & Die producing sections, VMC, CNC Wire-Cut, EDM machines. It has 08 Poly Urethane material Foaming Crops, 15 Thermoforming (Vacuum forming) Units; remarkably equipped Metallic Forming Models with Dust Coating, 3 DIMENSIONAL Scanner & Printers, Nickel-Chrome Plants and Die-Casting Portions. Walton also offers Robot managed Injection Plastic-type Molding Plants, highly outfitted Test Labs, Printing & Packaging Sections, Alloy Steering wheel Making & ED Covering Plants, Joints Tubes, Chair Foaming & Silencer Vegetation, Nitrogen & Electricity Producing Plants. Walton has quite strong & strict Quality Control (QC) insurance plan and well equipped QC division includes all types of screening devices since required which includes world's most recent CMM.

Walton always stresses on great priority to accomplish customer satisfaction. Excellent large sales& after sales support network in home & abroad. Walton has achieved various normal quality records including ISO 9001: 2008 & INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FUR STANDARDISIERUNG 14001: 2005. Walton support network is a country's just ISO 9001: 2008 Standard Certified after sales service network. The products of the company include acquired a tremendous local business and are also getting exported throughout the world for its first class quality. Walton sets it is vision to consider a place...


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