If Guys Could Menstruate

 If Men Could Menstruate Essay



Carmen Garcia

Teacher Sara Cabello-Thompson

Intro Asociado 1301 M08 TR 11-1215

25 October 2012



Carmen Garcia

Professor Sara Cabello-Thompson

Guide Socio 1301 M08 TR 11-1215

25 October 2012

What might really happen if males, suddenly, can menstruate? Can they go in with their daily routines? What would happen to being the strong and masculine gender? Could they go through PMS, or could they brag about using a menstrual cycle? What would happen to women?

A menstrual cycle is known as a beautiful factor God blessed the women with—it's the change from becoming a girl to becoming a fresh woman. Only in the term itself, the menstrual cycle transitions a girl right into a new circuit of her life. It might not become as clean as we would wish it to be, but it offers us the blessing to carry life within our womb. It could be a little terrifying for some young ladies when they 1st get it because they might certainly not know how come they're bleeding. I remember I was fourteen once i got my own. I knew what a period was, but I wasn't sure if I was ready to certainly be a young adult yet. I asked my mom for what reason I had bled a little, and she responded with delight " En este momento eres toda una senorita, ” this means I had simply become a fresh women. That i knew then I had not been a child any longer. In my circumstance, I didn't have a ceremony honoring my new cycle of life. For example , in the Hindu culture of India, a girl's 1st menstrual period can often be celebrated by bringing her presents and giving her celebrations. Inside the Hispanic tradition, we (girls) get recognized by having a Quinceanera, but it's not really celebrating each of our first period, but the stage when we reach fifteen years old and we are therefore regarded young women—it's basically the same concept. In certain cultures—such as Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Orthodox, and Bali—women are prohibited from their homes and temples or wats for three to four times, or up to and including...


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