Feasibility: Spend and Cultural Responsibility

 Feasibility: Waste and Social Responsibility Composition

Background in the study

The basics of brick manufacturing never have changed after some time. However technical advances have made contemporary brick plant substantially more efficient and have improved the general quality in the products. A more complete knowledge of raw material and their properties, better control over firing, increased kiln style and more advanced mechanization have all contributed to evolving the brick industry.

The need for construction elements is growing continuously due to the emergence of businesses and residential that needs building of recent and due to the continuous development on people's consumption level, there is wide-ranging market space for the introduction of building components like bricks.

Statement with the problem

The researchers have presented this problems for the purpose of explaining the presented procedure that can be encountered by the business.

This research aims to figure out is feasible to manufacture ECO bricks inside the City of Tanauan.

A. Marketing aspect

• Who are definitely the customers in the business?

• Is there a with regard to this kind of merchandise?

• Exactly what the strengths and weaknesses of the business?

• Who will be the competitors of the business?

• What is the very best channel of distribution intended for the product?

W. Management aspect

• Who have are persons needed inside the organizational framework of the business?

• Exactly what the responsibilities and duties to be offered for every staff of the business?

• Precisely what are the important rules needed to run the business?

• What are the organization goals and objectives?

• How the administration can encourage its employee?

C. Technical aspect

• What are the processes involved in developing eco-friendly stones?

• Precisely what are the machines and gear needed in manufacturing eco-friendly bricks?

• What would be flower layout?

• What is the waste supervision plan?

M. Financial feature

• The right way to identify and measure the sum of fixed investment, seed money pre-operating expense to put the business?

• How much capital each spouse shall be adding to?

• Simply how much net earnings each spouse should anticipate in 5years?

• How much time the companions can recover their expense?

E. Socio-economic aspect

• What is the social responsibility of the business towards their customers?

• What is the social responsibility of the business to the community?

• Precisely what is the cultural responsibility of the business towards the government?

• What is the social responsibility of the organization to the environment?

• What is the sociable responsibility with the business to its employee?

Objective in the study

The principle of the research is to clarify the feasibilities of producing eco-friendly bricks by making use of waste material just like plastic being one of its pieces.

A. Promoting aspect

• To know whom are the client of the business.

• To find out if there is require to this kind of product.

• To determine the power and weaknesses of the business.

• To be aware of the rivals of the business.

• To be aware of the best funnel of distribution of the product.

B. Supervision aspect

• To know who are the people needed inside the organization structure of the business.

• To look for the duties and responsibilities being given in every employees from the business.

• To determine the important rules and regulations needed to run the organization.

• To find out the business goals and objectives.

• To find out how the supervision can encourage its personnel.

C. Technological aspect

• To know the method involved in making rco-friendly bricks.

• To be aware of the machines and products needed that manufactures eco-friendly stones.

• To create the plant design.

• To look for the waste managing plan from the company....


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