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п»їPopulations: A Figures Game

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The human population of the planet is definitely estimated to now have passed 6 billion dollars people. This is seen as a success story (as the previous link mentions), because of improved medical and reduced infant mortality while increasing life spans. However , a common concern is the fact as the people continues to boost, it will place more stress on the environment, on nations' ability to give, economies to grow and society to flourish. This web page has got the following sub-sections:

1 . Population Numbers

2 . Overpopulation or perhaps not? Whom do we consider?

3. Presumptions and frames to explain population growth

1 ) Malthusian points of views

2 . Demographic Transition

some. What affects population growths and diminishes, anyway?

1 ) Gender personal strength

2 . Economics and lower income

3. Happen to be increasing populations a cause of problems, or effects of others? Population Quantities

The Un Population Fund estimate the people will surge to around being unfaithful. 3 billion dollars by 2050: World populace reached 6. 1 billion in mid-2000 and is at the moment growing at an annual rate of 1. 2 per cent, or perhaps 77 , 000, 000 people annually. Six countries account for half of this annual growth: India for twenty-one per cent; China for 12 per cent; Pakistan for a few per cent; Nigeria for 5 per cent; Bangladesh for 4 per cent, and Indonesia to get 3 per cent. By 2050, world populace is supposed to be between 7. on the lookout for billion (low variant) and 10. being unfaithful billion (high variant), while using medium alternative producing 9. 3 billion dollars. — Universe Population Leads, The 2150 Revision Highlights, United Nations Human population Division, Office of Economic and Sociable Affairs, 28 February 2001, p. five Population densities also vary between locations:

Population in 2001


Total (in millions)

Density (People every square kilometer)

GNP ranking


Human population and denseness figures are from Population, Environment and Development 2001, United Nations Populace Division homepage. GNP data from Scale Economy (GNP) from Desk 1 . you, World Development Report 2000, World Traditional bank China

you, 285




1, 025



United States








Russian Federation


almost 8






























Some notes around the above data:

I list some nations, (not the full list of course, for which you can follow the cited sources! ) initially by simply GNP. We list the key economic powerhouses plus India, China, Dalam negri, Nigeria and Bangladesh, while nations which may have highest population growths. We come across that some developed countries have bigger densities than developing types, and also vica versa. Even as will see in the consumption element of this section, a few of the wealthier countries, even if they may have smaller populations, consume even more resources. Huge populations in and of themselves may not be a negative thing. A large number of cities in Europe for example , have a better population thickness compared to places we normally think of since over crowded, such as India or Cina. However , where it could issues is if demands on organic resources and development boosts in an unsustainable and inconsiderate way, which in turn, unfortunately is definitely how it appears to be happening in many areas today. It was especially during imperial/colonial moments that the tiny European international locations (the " centers of capital and empire”) with large densities had to get their resources in the colonized nations (the " peripheries of empire”) to keep up their excessive standards of living (and this was the wealthier classes in Europe, not all people). The Imperial European nations' ecological impact was...

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